New release: Zucchini

This new release of Cauldron, called Zucchini, comes with many new UI features and some fixes and improvements.

In the last release we talked about the new data source for Cauldron, the GNOME’s GitLab. Today we come with a new Cauldron post about it, you can take a look here.

We try every day to improve the user experience at Cauldron. For this reason, we have updated the process of creating a project, to be more intuitive and easier to use. Now, before creating a project, we can include the repositories or organizations that we want to analyze, and avoid having to do it in several steps as we did before.

Regarding Cauldron’s metrics and graphs, we have modified the CHAOSS section, adapting the section to the new reports they are generating. Also related to this, we have detected some metrics and graphs related to closed reviews that were not being calculated correctly. We have detected all of them, and we have fixed almost all of them, except for a couple that are giving us some headaches.

Internally, we have started to store the logs that Django generates, hoping to obtain with it some information about the use in Cauldron, and that will help us to detect possible failures when they occur.

Without anything else to say, we hope that these changes will improve your experience at Cauldron and, please, do not hesitate to send us any comments or suggestions, we will gladly accept them! Team