Adding the GNOME's GitLab

Perhaps some of you already knew, but GNOME has its own GitLab instance. This instance is very similar to the original GitLab that we all know, and some users have shown interest in being able to analyze the repositories that GNOME has in there.

Well, said and done: now in Cauldron it is possible to analyze GNOME’s GitLab repositories. :tada:

As with any data source in Cauldron, in order to use this new functionality you will need a GNOME’s GitLab account. To do this, you only have to access their page and log in with your favorite option from those available.

Once you have an account, all you have to do is access Cauldron, create a new project, and indicate that the repository or organization that you want to analyze is within the GNOME’s GitLab.

Remember that if this is the first time that you analyze a GNOME repository in Cauldron, you will be asked for your consent to obtain a token on your behalf to collect the information you have requested and, if you have not already done so, you will be asked to log into the GNOME’s GitLab.

As always, you can revoke your token by accessing the settings page in Cauldron, or visiting the authorized applications page in the GNOME’s GitLab.

We are in the process of expanding Cauldron with more GitLab forges, such as KDE or Debian, we will let you know when this happens. Team