New Release: Nut

This new release, Nut, has been mainly focused on developing a new worker system, improving the documentation and expanding the metrics we obtain from Cauldron.

Related to the UI, we have included a few new features and fixed some bugs. One of the most notable ones is that in “My projects” page, projects statuses are now updated in real time, this way you don’t need to keep refreshing the page in order to see if the analysis has finished.


In the user’s guide documentation, we have included a new chapter explaining how to manage several projects, actions that can be done so you can better manage your projects and how repositories are shared between projects.

Cauldron repository has been updated with a new and in order to include more details related to our development process. It includes more details about where to open issues, how they are organized and where to ask questions related to Cauldron.

From now on, we are collecting new metrics related with the usage and evolution of Cauldron. We want to make sure you like Cauldron and we are in the right direction.

Finally mention that we have been focused on developing a new scheduler task system that will be more fair between users, manage more type of tasks and implement new features that you will like.

With nothing more to add, we hope you like this new release and any comment or feedback is welcome. See you in the next release! :partying_face: Team

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Thank you for the update. It’s great to see how Cauldron keeps getting better and better!