How to manage several projects or analysis in Cauldron

How to manage several projects or analysis in Cauldron

In this guide we are going to cover project management in Cauldron, more specifically what tools Cauldron provides for it and some tips that will make this task easier.

The first, and most obvious, is to give a different name to each of our projects.

This will make it easier to work with them and locate the one we want to work with through the search box. We already covered how to edit the name of a project in a previous post but, to refresh the memory, it is done from the page of each project.

From the projects page we can carry out some actions on each project in a simple and fast way:

  • We can, at a glance, know the status of each project (how many repositories have been completed, how many are in error, how many are pending analysis, etc.). Furthermore, when a project has one or more repositories being analyzed or pending analysis, a spinner will appear on the project card informing about it.
  • We can know the structure of our project, that is, know the type of repositories that we have added to our project, as well as the date of creation of the project.
  • We can easily access the public dashboard of the project, and share it on social networks or copy the link (we can also access the workspace from here).
  • We can request the re-analysis of the project or, if we are tired of it, delete it.
  • And, of course, we can access the page of each project by clicking on its name.

django-project django-project-options

Another help in managing multiple projects is data sharing. This functionality allows the repositories analyzed by other users (or by ourselves) to be accessible from any project. Thus, if we request to analyze a repository recently scanned by another user, our analysis may take seconds to complete, even if it is the Linux kernel!

And just like with repositories, visualizations created in our Kibana workspace are also shared for all of our projects (but not with other users). This way, we don’t have to be creating the same visualization continuously.

That is all for now! We hope to bring you news very soon about new functionalities that facilitate the management of projects in a massive way! Stay tuned! Team