New Release: Lemon

Hi everyone,

The new release of Cauldron, Lemon, brings new visualizations for your projects

First of all, comment that we have a new chapter of the user guide for Using Kibana in Cauldron

We have updated the project page (once again) to make sure it is easy to understand, simple, and with all the necessary information related to the project.

In this field, one of the main changes is the addition of new visualizations and metrics related to the project. It is still under development and we plan to add more useful information in the future.

We have also included date range filters for metrics and visualizations to be able to know the evolution of the project between two different dates.

image image

The way to add data sources has been slightly changed to simplify the interface. From now on, to add a specific repository or organization, just click on “add data source” and follow the steps indicated on the screen.

Another of the changes that we have added in the user interface has been a search box on the projects page. It has been a very requested feature when the project number is high.

On the other hand, we have been working on improving Cauldron’s performance in several ways.

We have started collecting metrics related to Elasticsearch in order to obtain the performance of the cluster and identify possible future problems that may occur. Cauldron administrators have a series of visualizations in Kibana that allow to know the state of the system in real time.

Additionally, we have conducted a study to learn about Cauldron’s performance and improve parts that may be slower, and we are investigating improvements to repository analysis when Sortinghat is enabled in third-party deployments.

Finally comment that we continue with the development of a new task system for the analysis of repositories that allows us to distribute resources more equitably among users and to facilitate the implementation of future new features.

We hope you find all these new features interesting and do not hesitate to send us as much feedback as you can.

Your, Team

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