New release: Aledo

We start a new series of versions in Cauldron, the names of the versions being small towns in Spain, we hope you like them.

The first on this list will be Aledo, and it comes with a new backend for Cauldron and several bug fixes.

We continue to grow the list of data sources, and today we introduce Cauldron’s newest addition: KDE’s GitLab. As with almost all data sources in Cauldron, you will need to have an account there in order to analyze any of its repositories. You can register here.

We have also modified Cauldron’s landing page, to show some of the projects that we consider most relevant, as well as the latest projects created. In this way, we hope we can offer a better experience to new users, so they can see what Cauldron is capable of before creating an account.

In the last release we modified the project creation page, and we have created a post talking about it. Take a look!

Some users reported that the CSV export tool was not working properly. We have identified the problem and it is fixed.

We have also included a new option to remove all repositories from a project. In this way, you can reset a project without having to create a new one.

Finally, we have fixed some small bugs that we have detected during these days.

We hope you have fun with these new changes. Leave us any comments or opinions. Team

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