Set up a project analysis

We have recently modified the project creation process. Internally it works in a very similar way, but its interface has changed a lot, so we think it is convenient to create a new post talking about it.

To start, we must click on any of the buttons to create a project.

Next we will see the new project creation page.

The first thing we will do is give it a name. We will not be able to repeat names of projects that we have already created, but if it is our first time creating projects in Cauldron, we will be able to choose the one we want.

Next we will choose the data sources for the project. For our example we will choose GitLab and, since we are not logged in, it will ask us to authenticate.

This authentication process helps Cauldron to collect a token on the platform that we have selected, and which will serve for data collection and subsequent analysis. At any time we can revoke this token, either from the corresponding platform or from Cauldron.

When we have already logged in, we can start adding data sources. In the case of GitLab we can add individual repositories or organizations and users, as many as we want. (The more repositories we add, the longer our analysis will take to complete.)

We add the data source and we can preview our project.

When we have selected all the data sources, we will click on “Create project” and the analysis will begin.

The amount of data source available includes several of the most important sources related to software development. However, we know that there is still a long way to go. What data source would you like to see in Cauldron soon? Put it in the comments! Team