Cauldron Cloud Kibana panels

Cauldron Cloud Kibana panels

One of the main features Cauldron Cloud has is the adding of the Grimoirelab tool called Sortinghat. Thanks to this, Cauldron is able to manage user identities and organizational affiliations. To take advantage of this feature, the Cauldron Cloud users may have to create their own metrics and visualizations using Kibana, until now.

We have taken many of the metrics and graphs developed by Bitergia (and available here) and we have imported them to every Cauldron Cloud instance, so every user can improve their analysis.

Some of these new panel came with many useful information, such as the “GitHub DevRel” panel, which focuses on GitHub activity (commits, pull requests and top contributors), or the “Organizational Diversity” panel, which focuses on Organizational Diversity in terms of number of contributions and contributors.

To access these new panels, you just have to click on the “More details” button of a report, and access the Dashboard panel in the side menu.

We hope you find these panels interesting, and that they inspire you to develop your own. Team