New release: Izurtza

Cauldron has a new release, Izurtza! This new release comes with new features for creating projects and new tables with combined data for repositories. We have also fixed some bugs and implemented small features. Let’s take a look!

Create a report from a list of repositories

When creating a report, sometimes you want to define a list of repositories instead of adding one by one. From now on you can create a new report with a list of GitHub, GitLab or Git repositories. It will automatically detect what kind of URL it is and will add it accordingly.

You can also upload a file with the same format with a list of repositories.

Table with metrics grouped by repository

There is a new table in the overview page for each report. It shows the list of the repositories included in the report and the number of commits, issues and reviews for each one. This aggregated information could be useful to know which repositories are the most active ones.

The table may be empty the first time you try to see it, that’s because you need to refresh your repositories first.

Update any report

Sometimes you are exploring reports and you see one interesting but it is outdated. Now it is possible to refresh any report, but note that your token will be used for this task. In case you don’t have one of the tokens needed, it will be requested.

Documentation and new posts

We have created new posts explaining some features included in previous releases:

We have also included documentation related with panels available in Cauldron Cloud.

We hope all of this new stuff improve your experience with Cauldron and, as always, feel free to request new features or give us feedback on current ones! Team