Adding some data sources to my Cauldron project

We already covered this topic slightly in a previous post. However, we did not dig too deep and now the way to add data sources to our projects has changed, so a new post is coming!

We start from an empty, newly created project. Right now our project does not impress anyone, so we are going to give it a little vibe by adding some data sources by clicking on Add data sources.

The wizard to add data sources will guide us to customize our analysis. The first of all will be choosing what type of data source we want to add.

At the moment, at Cauldron we accept 4 different types of data sources (but many more will be added, rest assured). Depending on the type of source we choose, we will have to provide more information, such as the name of an owner, a single repository or a group that we want to analyze.

Some data sources allow us to customize the analysis a little, for example, if we are only interested in the Issues and Pull Requests activity on GitHub. Others, however, do not admit much personalization.

NOTE: If it is the first time that we access Cauldron we will be asked to log in to the corresponding platform for which we want to make an analysis, since Cauldron needs to request a token on our behalf to make calls to the corresponding APIs to collect the data necessary for the analysis.

Now we only have to request the analysis and wait for it to finish! If you want to see more information related to the analysis, you can click on Show details and you can inspect the repositories added to the project.

Depending on the number of data sources we have requested, our analysis may take more or less time. Also, some APIs have a limited number of requests that we can make every hour, so if we have requested many data sources, we may have to wait until our token is ready again.

But we will cover this in another post! :wink: Team

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