Frequently Asked Questions

Super common questions are snappily answered below, there are more detailed questions/answers in the specific section.

How do I analyze a GitHub repository?

It is super easy to analyze a repository with Cauldron. You only need a GitHub account and make a few clicks! You have more detailed information in this post.

What type of analysis can I perform with Cauldron?

Cauldron allows you to analyze public git repositories, repositories on GitHub and GitLab and communities and events on Meetup. We plan to add other data sources like Slack or Discourse, so stay tuned!

Why do I have to log into GitHub to analyze a repository with Cauldron?

In order to collect data from GitHub, Cauldron needs access to its API. When you log in to GitHub (or any other platform that requires this authentication mechanism to access its API), Cauldron asks GitHub for a token with access only to its API, to make the necessary calls to perform the analysis.

What type of analysis does not require the use of tokens?

Currently only public git repository analysis don’t require requesting a token.