Switching to private tenant

Here is some lesson I learned today: Every time you go to your workspace, you must switch to private tenant.

I had this issue when analyzing FOSSASIA project using CHAOSS dashboard metrics. I realized Kibana was using Public tenant although last week I switched into private. The thing here is that every time you log into your workspace, you have to repeat this process in order to create customized dashboards.

Once this was solved, I was able to apply CHAOSS metrics to FOSSASIA .The result was pretty good

Welcome @anajsana! Thank you for the reminder. And very cool dashboard about FOSSASIA project.

IMHO, it is a bug, not a feature. So there is an issue in Cauldron project asking to solve this.

If you find it important, click on the thumgs up button (:+1:) in the GitLab issue to raise its priority :wink:


I will! Thanks for the update @jsmanrique

I upvoted the GitLab issue :slight_smile: