New release: Jirueque

A new release for Cauldron is ready, Jirueque! This release comes with a new landing page, the addition of Kibana reports, and many new features for Cauldron Cloud users.

Cauldron’s landing page hasn’t changed much since the last year. That is why we have decided to give it a face wash to highlight some of the more interesting features that have been developed in recent months. Take a look and don’t hesitate to give us all the feedback you can!

Kibana’s reporting feature didn’t seem to work properly in Cauldron. It is now possible to create Kibana dashboard-based reports from each report page, take a look!

This release Cauldron Team has decided to create some new exclusive features for the Cauldron Cloud users:

  • One of them is a new section from which it is possible to see at a glance the usernames and identities (of Sortinghat) of the contributors of a project, as well as the organizations to which they belong. In addition, several shortcuts are included to be able to edit those identities if desired.
  • The other one is the possibility of creating public reports, so even if you have a private instance you will be able to make some of the report publicly open. Start sharing your work in Cauldron Cloud!

The repository metrics section, which was introduced in the last release, has changed a bit. Now, it includes some new community metrics, and it has been placed in a new tab in the report metric section.

Also, we have make some improvements to the comparison page, like the possibility to compare every report (even if you are not the owner), or the addition of a delete button.

Finally, we have improve some queries we make to Elasticsearch to create the metrics and visualizations and we have fixed some bugs detected.

That is all from our side. We hope you find this release interesting and, as always, report every new bug you may find and ask for new features! Team

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