New Release: Honey

Hi everyone,

This new release of Cauldron (the eighth already) comes with some very interesting changes for users who like to play with Kibana.

Long ago, when a user created a dashboard in Kibana it was necessary to import it into the rest of their Cauldron projects in order to use it. That is no longer necessary: from now on, the dashboards that a user creates in Kibana can be used from any of the projects that the user has in Cauldron.

At Cauldron we take current privacy laws very seriously. That is why the collected data is previously anonymized, in such a way that it is not possible to identify the person who made a commit, for example.

To make these changes possible, we have been forced to delete the analysis data that we had in our databases. Do not worry, your user accounts are still intact and it will only be necessary to rerun the analysis to have the data again.

In another order of things, we have included Terraform templates and documentation on how to provision a machine in DigitalOcean and deploy Cauldron there, as well as the addition of Syslog as a log collection system in an approach towards the inclusion of Matomo.

I hope you find all these new features interesting and do not hesitate to send us as much feedback as you can. See you soon with more and better features in the next release, iceberg.

Stay tuned, you will have news very soon!

Your, Team

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