Last active meaning


I am looking at and trying to understand the onboardings metrics.

I see “Submitters onboarding / Last active” and “Authors onboarding / Last active”. In the graph, what does the “Last Activity” metric mean? I am unable to find a more detailed explanation about it. Thanks!

Hello @tdcmeehan

We created that visualization with the goal of identifying the individuals who are entering and leaving during a specific period of time.

‘Onboarding contributors’ refers to the number of individuals whose first contribution was made on that day/week/month. At the same time ‘last active’ indicates the most recent time a person made a contribution.

For example, suppose a person made four contributions, with the first in January 2022 and the last in May 2022. In that case, the visualization will display a +1 in January and a -1 in May for that individual. The other contributions are not represented in the visualization.

Hope it helps.


But I am afraid I don’t understand your example. If the individual had contributions in Jan and May, why would it show -1 for that individual in Last Activity?

Yes, sorry, it’s a +1 for the last activity. Looking at the visualization it will show as a negative number, as a person that “is leaving”.