How to get the Bus Factor?

I know that does not have contributor information, but it should be possible with anonymized data to calculate the bus factor.

At least for Commits, I was able to build a visualization:

  • Visualization: Pie Chart
  • Index: git
  • Slice Size: Count
  • Split slice: author_id (Descending)
  • (Activate) Group other values in separate bucket: TRUE

From this example, the Bus factor is 5 because it takes two committers to fill 50% of the circle.

Now, my request is to get the bus factor into the main user interface and maybe onto the Community section.

Hi @GeorgLink,

With anonymized data it is possible to calculate many metrics, but are not very reliable. In that case the Bus factor is 5, but maybe 4 of them are the same person using different emails, so the bus factor is 2.

This kind of visualizations could be more interesting in Cauldron Cloud version where users can merge identities and will show a more accurate value.