Feature Request: Badge for project READMEs

Hi everyone,

Cauldron is a great service. I think it really adds depth to our understanding of an open source project.

I had the following idea: Give project owners a badge they can include in their project README that links to the Cauldron report for that project.

Unlike other badges, I don’t think this one needs to be updated, just something to signal that the project owner has a Cauldron report and people can go to it with a simple click from the README.

Example: Cauldron Report

Anyone can create a badge like this. Offering a code snippet for project owners to include in their README and encouraging them to do so is what this feature request is about:

Users and contributors of open source projects are interested in seeing metrics. We're offering a simple badge that links to your project's Cauldron Report. Include this badge in your README with:

[![Cauldron Report](https://img.shields.io/badge/Cauldron%20Report-View%20Project%20Metrics-brightgreen)](https://cauldron.io/project/372)

I think this feature can help spread the word of Cauldron.