Active People sets

Hello, according to there are Git authors, Issue authors, and PRMR submitters. I would like to know if these people are unique? Further, how can I determine the number of unique people out of the set (git+issue+PRMR)?
Thanks for your help

Follow up: are ‘# onboardings’ a subset of ‘# active people’?

Hi, @millecodex. In we’re not intending to merge identities for the same person, because we don’t have identities at all (only pseudo-anonymized identities which cannot be used as such to merge with others). So, the count is for unique ids within the same data source: unique ids in git repos (usually full email addresses, including name), unique GutHub or GitLab ids for issues and change requests.

Ids in git repos need real identities (not the pseudoanonymized ones) to be merged with GitHub or GitLab repos, so that merge cannot be done. For issues and change requests, the same ids are used, so we could provide that metric (count of single GH or HL accounts submitting issues or change requests), but we are not doing it for now. If you want, you can use Kibana (click the button “Data Workspace” to get that yourself, if you want to spare some minutes using Kibana (in fact, have a look at the default dashboards in there, there are some metrics similar to that one).

For now, we’re not having deanonymized personal ids in out of privacy concerns. We’re planning to add opt-in for that, so that projects could ask their people to opt-in, but we’re not sure that would be useful. Any feedback about this would be more than welcome.

Okay thanks. I’ve started to mess about in in Kibana and will think on this further.