Why are the numbers different in Cauldron.io and Kibana?

Why are the numbers between Cauldron.io and Kibana different?

Example: I analyzed github.com/aol/moloch for the last year and the number of commits is different( 649 vs 678). See screenshots:

Hi @GeorgLink,

In the project page we are calculating the number of commits in a different way, we ignore merge commits (commits that are the result of a merge and are empty). You can see the query on the question mark button. I will open an issue to keep the metrics the same in Kibana and Bokeh.

But it is important to note that there are some numbers that can’t be the same, for example the number of closed issues in a time interval. In a project page we use the issues that were closed in the interval, while in Kibana it is calculated for the issues that were opened in the interval (grimoire_creation_date), and we can’t change that unless we create a different index pattern in Kibana and create a different dashboard.

Thanks for asking! We will try to keep most of the numbers the same!


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Thanks for the timely response. This was very helpful!