Using Sorting Hat


In an analysis, is Sorting Hat used implicitly in the tool or do users enable it with a setting? According to release notes, I think users are supposed to choose whether to use or not but I could not find such an option.

Hi @erdemtuna, welcome to Cauldron Community!!!

AFAIK Sorting Hat tool is not available in public instance due to privacy policies. But I think it’s possible to set up in your self-hosted instance, and we are working to provide it as a service soon.

I hope you find this information useful, and any feedback is more than welcome :wink:

Again, thank you very much for using Cauldron!

@jsmanrique thanks for the reply! Just to make sure, for now, Sorting Hat functionality is not provided even if I have a self-hosted instance, right?

That’s right, AFAIK.

Sorry for the late follow-up :frowning:

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