Track clones / activity from GitHub over time?

Hi folks,

I wondered if it was possible to track the metrics that GitHub provides in the Traffic section of the Insights tab - Sign in to GitHub · GitHub.

In particular I am interested in clones over time, but visitors over time would be awesome.

It only shows the data for a couple of weeks, but I am sure that it must be possible to pull and save that information via the API. It might be a useful addition to the Activity tab in Cauldron, perhaps?

Hi @RCheesley ,

Support for clones and visitor metrics is a frequently requested feature. Unfortunately, we do not support it and don’t have it on our roadmap. A concern is that the stats are only available to repository owners. We could not collect the stats for users that are analyzing projects that are not their own.

GrimoireLab would be a good place to add this feature because it supports different use cases. I’d be happy to chat more about the requirements and what it would take to get this feature added to GrimoireLab.

Thanks for sharing your ideas!