Project started but creation failed

I went to add a new project but the request timed out.
When I look at my list of projects, the “dashboard” appears, but when I go to add data sources, I get the following lovely error message:

UPDATE: A couple minutes later, I was able to add data to the dashboard. Maybe it just took too long to provision the dashboard or something.

UPDATE: Also filed in the Issue Tracker

Thank you @GeorgLink. It seems that the project generation is working now. But thank you for opening the issue and keep the discussion open there about the technical details

I think it was an issue with the time needed to set up the environment for that project.
I am not sure this “racing condition” (?) is resolved. Maybe keep this in mind for the future as we scale up – it would be better to display a message her: “Data environment is still being built, please come back later”.

I think they meant Race Condition

I like the idea of “Visualization Environment is still being built. Please, come back later”. Thank you!

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Yes, that it. Thanks!