Not able to scan a single repository

So far, I have been scanning the state of ecosystems by using GitHub organisational links (link to a GitHub organisation). However, I am not able to scan a single repository as it throws an error

# FieldError at /projects/new
Invalid field name(s) for model GitHubRepository: 'results'.

This is in a self-hosted deployment.

Getting these too on our instance.

Hey there! :wave:

We have identified the problem and now it is fixed in and all the other instances. Sorry for the inconveniences.

If you find the problem is still not fixed, please report it again by creating a new issue or creating a post in this forum.

Thank you! :rocket:

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Hi @marinhunter,

Do I need to restart my server instance for this to take effect? As the current server instance does not support single repository scanning.

Thank you.

Hi @research, what version of the Docker images do you have deployed?

For the latest version you should have:

WEB_IMAGE_NAME: "cauldronio/webserver:1.14.6"
WORKER_IMAGE_NAME: "cauldronio/worker:1.14.3"
ODFE_CONFIG_IMAGE_NAME: "cauldronio/odfe-config:jirueque"
PA_TO_ES_IMAGE_NAME: "cauldronio/pa-to-es:jirueque"
ELASTIC_IMAGE_NAME: "cauldronio/opendistro-for-elasticsearch:1.13.2"
KIBANA_IMAGE_NAME: "amazon/opendistro-for-elasticsearch-kibana:1.13.2"
SYSLOG_IMAGE_NAME: "balabit/syslog-ng:3.31.2"
BACKUP_IMAGE_NAME: "cauldronio/backup-rotate:jirueque"
DB_IMAGE_NAME: "mariadb:10.5"
NGINX_IMAGE_NAME: "nginx:1.18"