New release: Xacuti

A new release of Cauldron approaches in the horizon, Xacuti!

This new version of Cauldron comes with many new UI changes, back-end improvements, and some system updates.

We have revamped the overview section of the project metrics page. Now you can see a small description of each of the visualizations that are there, to give you some more context about what you are seeing. For the occasion, we have written a small post about all these new changes, you can read it here.

Also related to the user interface, we have included some new visualizations to the activity sections. This new acquisition will allow you to see the number of commits, issues and reviews of a project grouped by repository, surely you will take advantage of it.

We have updated Open Distro to version 1.11. This new version brings a lot of improvements to both Elasticsearch and Kibana that will surely improve our experience.

We have improved the way the Pool Scheduler processes requests to analyze all repositories for a user or an organization. These improvements will allow us in future releases to carry out some of the improvements that you have requested, such as automatically updating the list of repositories for a project.


We have also improved the project comparison page, now including the possibility to simultaneously compare up to 5 projects. Keep in mind that, depending on the size of the projects, these comparisons may take a little longer.

For those users who have deployed Cauldron with Sortinghat, we are pleased to announce that we have completed the integration of Sortinghat and Hatstall with the new Pool Scheduler, so they will be able to benefit from this new feature that Cauldron users have already enjoyed for a couple of releases. This new changes also improve a lot the performance in repository analysis when the amount of repositories is high.

Last but not least, we’ve made some minor tweaks to certain Cauldron components that will make your experience with the platform even better.

As always, we hope you love these updates. Now that the holidays are approaching, Cauldron’s team will be working at low speed, so it is possible that the next release will take a little longer to come out (to maintain the amount of new features). See you very soon, and Merry Christmas! Team


This is fantastic news!

Thank you :pray:

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