New release: Vermouth

This new release of Cauldron comes with a lot of new features, let’s see them!

We know we’ve been talking about it for a long time but, finally, the new task management system is finished! This new system is more equitable with the distribution of tasks when there are a large number of users using the system, which is often the case… The system seems stable and we have finally decided to make the jump to production. You will notice that some things have changed in the interface, and that some others have disappeared (RIP project filters). Don’t worry, we’ll try to bring back all those little features that we had to remove to adjust Cauldron to the new task system. And if you notice any missing, do not hesitate to open an issue to report it!

On the other hand, we are constantly improving the metrics page for projects, and this time we have included several new metrics and graphs, all of them under a new section: performance. Take a look by accessing Cauldron, or reading the new user guide we have written for it!

Finally, we have fixed some small bugs or requests that some users have reported about the visualizations (we did not forget about you)!

As you can see, these notes are not very extensive, but they do come with big changes to Cauldron, which we hope will further improve your path in code analysis! See you soon! Team

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