New release: Salt

This new release of Cauldron comes with some new changes to the projects metrics and some bug fixes.

We have updated the project metrics section:

  • We have created a new chart to show at once the contribution by weekday and by hour into a heatmap.
  • We have modified some of the current charts like the organizational diversity charts to make them more useful.
  • We have included time filtering in the aging charts to allow the user to display a snapshot of the aging status of a project at a specific date.

Related with this last point, we have written a new user guide speaking about the aging charts and all the background about them, you can find it here.

We have finished another step in the development of the new task manager system, and now we have a prototype integrated with the web server, we just need to update the web interface and update some tools to get it ready.

Finally, we have released a new feature for Cauldron, the projects comparison. This new feature allows the user to compare any project in Cauldron, even if it is from another user. For now, it only allows the user to compare 2 projects, and the metrics available are a few of the ones shown in the projects pages. But we will update this soon! :wink: Team

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