New release: Rice

This new release of Cauldron comes with some interesting changes to the project metrics and some other stuff.

We are continually improving the metrics and graphs of the project page, and in this new release we have included some new graphs and metrics to the community part that will allow you to obtain even more data on the evolution of your open-source projects.

We have updated some of the existing metrics, adding improvements and solving some bugs that you have reported to us.

We have updated the labels and boards that we use for development in Cauldron, and we thought that this information would be useful to you, so we have written a small guide about it, you can find it here.

We continue working on the task management system, we are already doing tests to see that everything works correctly, and we hope to have everything integrated soon.

With nothing more to tell, we hope that this new release will give you a better insight into your favorite projects. See you soon! Team


Just a question. Do I need to refresh the data sources to get the attraction/retention data? Does it take too long to get the data. I have at least one dashboard that shows that charts empty:

Thank you very much and best regards

It looks like that dashboard doesn’t have GitHub data sources, just Git. All data referring to issues and reviews need GitHub data sources (in this case) to be able to populate the graphs you mention.

Answering your question: it is not necessary to refresh everything, just request to analyze issues and pull requests

Thank you @merinhunter, but I was worried about the git aging data, that are missing …

We are not able to populate that graph with the current query because the number of authors is over 20K and we have a limitation of 10K buckets per query. That means that the query fails and the result is an empty visualization. I have opened an issue to show at least an error describing the problem:

Thanks for the report!


Thank you @jjmerchante!