New release: Quinoa

A new release for Cauldron is out, Quinoa. This release is smaller than other, but comes with some charts enhancements and some bug fixes.

We have updated the chart named Authors per category over time, modifying the type of chart used. We have replaced the current area chart with a line chart, which we hope will give more value to the information given by this chart.

We have restructured the documentation of the metrics shown on the page of each project and we have added new documentation for those that did not have or had very brief documentation. We have also detected that some links to the documentation did not point to anything, and we have corrected it.

Finally, we continue working on improving the community metrics section, and we hope to bring you new metrics and visualizations very soon, such as “number of onboarding / last seen” or an “aging graph”.

Stay tuned, and come back for the next release! Team