New release: Peanut

There is a new release for Cauldron, Peanut, it comes with some small features and some known issues have been fixed. This release is smaller than others, but we have made an effort to add new features.

We have done a slight redesign in Cauldron to emphasize two clear points:

  • Project pages have been redesigned to give more emphasis to visualizations. Now when a project is shared with other people, visualizations and metrics take on a greater role.

  • On the other hand, creating new projects we have made it easier. Now it can be done from any page from the top button on the navigation bar.


In this version we have included new metrics and visualizations related with community. Now you can see how many people is active in the project in a period of time and how many are new to the project.

We have created a new user guide about How to submit issues or found bugs and new features in Cauldron. We ask you to report issues that you find or features that could be interesting.

On the other hand, we have solved some log import errors, problems between different versions of Bokeh, and included documentation related to Ansible Vault for own deployments.

Despite being a small update, we hope that these fixes will enhance your experience with the platform! See you in the next release! Team

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