New Release: Orange

The new Cauldron release, Orange, is a small update. We have been focused on improving the backend, but some small features have been included and some known issues have been fixed.

Regarding the new features, Cauldron now allows the analysis of forked repositories so that you can know the state of their health. When you want to analyze an owner, you will have to select the corresponding box as it appears in the figure below

Also, date filtering of Bokeh charts has been included in the URL to make possible the sharing of these charts with their corresponding time range. For example:

Related with the charts included in the project page, we have fixed some bugs:

  • We have fixed the hourly commit chart. It did not show all the hours of the day and its corresponding version in Kibana was different.

  • The date range displayed by the charts has been adjusted to the one selected by the user instead of the content of the visualizations.

We noticed that the scripted fields in Kibana were not being exported correctly along with the index patterns, which caused failures in those imported dashboards that used them. This issue has been resolved and should no longer fail with new exported dashboards.

We continue to work on the new task management system, which we plan to have on the testing servers before the end of July.

Also, the new visualizations for Bokeh have suffered a slight delay and will be released in the next release.

Finally, we have updated the Open Distro version to 1.8, as well as various Python components that we use in Cauldron.

Despite being a small update, we hope that these fixes will enhance your experience with the platform! See you in the next release! Team

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This is amazing progress. Thanks for the detailed release notes and the quick pace of moving this project forward.

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