New release: Higueras

Today we launch a new release for Cauldron, Higueras! This new release comes with new SVG badges, more admin tools, new Kibana dashboards and many other interesting features, let’s take a look!

Last time, we introduced the SVG badges in Cauldron. You can generate a SVG image for your report and embed it anywhere (for example in a README file of a repository) to show your project from a quick glance. In addition to that, we have created many other badges to populate any document and bring new possibilities.

Because of the addition of new badges, we have written a small post in the Cauldron Forum showing how to work with this new feature!

For those users who has their own-deployed version of Cauldron, and for the Cauldron Cloud users, we have developed a user management page from where authorize the use of Cauldron to new users (if the limited access feature is enabled). You will be able also to sort users by number of reports or from their joining date, we will add more features to that section in the future, so keep an eye on this!

It has been a long time since we included new panels and visualizations to Kibana. So we have been taking some ideas from the folks at GrimoireLab and we have included exclusive panels and visualizations when SortingHat is enabled (for example, in Cauldron Cloud), take a look and give us some feedback about them!

We have developed some other new stuff, like new sorting options for the reports page, a new settings page for reports (it is basically a merge of the previous actions and data sources pages), slightly changes to the landing page, or a new pricing section in Cauldron.

We hope all of this new stuff improve your experience with Cauldron and, as always, feel free to request new features or give us feedback on current ones! Team


Woot woot! This is exciting!