New Release: Ginger

Hi everyone,

The team is happy to announce a new version. Go over to to check it out!

In this new release (the 7th), marked by the expansion of COVID-19, Cauldron has not stopped improving and adding new features and services to its platform.

Among its most visible news, the new status page stands out, which will serve as a source of information about the status of the various services that make up Cauldron.

Another of its most notable changes is the GrimoireLab update for Cauldron. This new version allows you to use all the wonders it previously offered, but allowing the elimination of the tasks performed by one of its modules, Sortinghat, related to the association of identities in the repositories. (GDPR-friendly)

Project overview has been modified. In this new version, buttons have been added to share your projects on social networks, and filtering and sorting options have been included in the table of repositories.

The number of users using Cauldron increases every week. That is why we are working to improve the infrastructure of our platform. In this sense, we are making changes to speed up the collection and enrichment of data through a new and fresh task system, as well as the migration of all our systems to the cloud. Along the same lines, we are working on obtaining user metrics using Matomo.

Stay tuned, you will have news very soon!

Your, Team