New Release: Foie

Hi everyone,

The team is happy to announce a new version. Go over to to check it out!

In this release, we focused on improving our infrastructure and fixing bugs in the data collection.

While improving the data consistency and checking compliance with privacy laws, we saw that some fields were missing in the GitHub enrichment process. In this version, we have fixed that issue and from now, all collected GitHub data will be accurate. We will have to erase all the data to make sure it is consistent. A notice will appear on the Cauldron page in the next few days.

We are also working on improving on-premises deployments. In this topic, we have completed the integration of Cauldron and Hatstall. Both are using the same accounts and from now on it is not necessary to use a different username and password.

The user interface is another of our priorities. For the management of projects and repositories, we have modified the pagination system we already had, which will allow us to perform simpler actions server-side and offer more features in the next version. We have temporarily disabled the search box.

As of now, Cauldron has backup copies of all the data that will help us to recover from an unwanted state and also migrate to a new cloud infrastructure to scale the system.

Cauldron is now using Opendistro 1.4.0 and Django 3.0

Finally, we have fixed minor bugs in the code, simplified the way to import panels to Kibana and updated some text in the UI.

We know there was a lot of behind-the-scenes work but we hope you will notice the performance and stability improvements!

Your, Team