New release: Famorca

Cauldron has a new release, Famorca! This new release comes with new features, metrics and some system upgrades.

For a long time, in Cauldron it was possible to download a CSV file with some of the data analyzed in a report. Until now, only git had this feature implemented. In this new release we have included the possibility of generating CSV files for every data source that Cauldron handles, although not all the metrics are included.

We recently announced the arrival of a new backend: StackExchange. Today we introduce some new sections on the project metrics page with metrics and graphs related to this backend. Also, we have written a small post talking about it, take a look!

We also recently announced the arrival of Plausible Analytics to the suite of tools we use at Cauldron. After having tested it, we have decided to remove some other tools that will be replaced by Plausible Analytics, such as Matomo or Google Analytics.

We have updated Open Distro for Elasticsearch to version 1.13.2, which includes bug fixes for ISM, Kibana reports and Kibana notebooks, among other things.

In addition to all these changes, now Cauldron will hide login options and other stuff related with those data sources not defined in the deployment scripts. Also, we have updated the model for notifications to be more customizable.

Finally, we have fixed some bugs reported by the community: one related to the repository filter and another with some metrics and visualizations.

We hope these updates improve your experience with Cauldron, and we’ll see you soon in the next release! Team

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