New release: Doade

Doade, the new release of Cauldron, comes with a new backend, new features, and many UI updates.

It’s been a while since we added a new backend (not counting GitLab forges) to Cauldron. Therefore, this release we have been working on the inclusion of StackExchange (and all its sub-platforms), so that you can analyze any tag of any of its sites (StackOverflow, AskUbuntu, etc).

Another of the new features that this release brings is the possibility of exploring the reports of other users. You can filter by the name of your favorite projects, and see how many Cauldron users have analyzed them.

We have improved the notification system, making it easier to create new messages and detect users who have requested not to see them.

For those users who have deployed Cauldron with Sortinghat and Hatstall, we have fixed a bug in domain auto-enrollment, and changed the position of the link to Hatstall (it will now be more accessible).

We have made multiple changes to the user interface, some of which are:

  • “Project” has been changed to “Report” in the entire interface.
  • Now the comparison page looks more like the rest of the pages.
  • The message that appeared when there were outdated repositories now changes when you click on “Refresh all data sources”.
  • “Gnome” has been changed to “GNOME” in those places of the interface where it appeared.
  • The colors and shape of some buttons in the reporting form have been changed.
  • Small improvements to Overview layout.

This release comes with quite a few changes and new ways to explore the open-source world, we hope you have fun using Cauldron with this little face lift! Team

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