New release: Carazo

This new release of Cauldron, Carazo, comes with new user features, some UI improvements and other back-end stuff.

A few months ago we introduced project actions: a feature that allowed us to obtain a history of all the actions carried out in a project (add repositories, refresh project, etc). Until now, it was only possible to view them as an administrator, but now anyone can do it through the new option that we have included in the side menu, take a look and play with it! Note: this feature may not be available for every project.

Our short-term plans include enabling project completion notifications via Twitter. In a first approach towards this objective, we have enabled the login option with Twitter. At the moment nothing can be done with it, except to revoke access, but we will bring new news soon!

During these last sprints we have been testing several cloud platforms for a future deployment of Cauldron on them. As a result of these tests, we have developed some templates for Terraform that you may find useful in your personal projects.

Finally, we have updated the side menu to make it easier to use, and we have included some extra options for platform administrators.

We hope these updates improve your experience with Cauldron, and we’ll see you soon in the next release! Team