My analysis has finished! What's next?

Now that your project has been analyzed, it’s time to play with some of the features that Cauldron offers.

The first thing we will see at the end of the analysis are a few initial data about it, depending on the type of project we have created.

In our case, having analyzed some Gitlab repositories, the data shown is about commits, issues and merge requests, but there are many more depending on the type of sources we use for the analysis.

We may not remember exactly what we have asked to analyze. If that were the case, we can see what data sources we have analyzed if we click on the link that says Show details.

At this time a table will be displayed showing all the data sources that we have asked to analyze. In our case, having analyzed all the Cauldron repositories, we can see information such as the status of the particular analysis of a repository or the last time it was analyzed (If we see that the analysis is quite old, we may want to refresh it). In addition, we can filter these results, for example, to show only repositories ending in error, those that belong to a certain category (git, GitHub, etc) or using a search box.

On the right side of this table we can interact with each of the repositories, either to see the logs generated during the analysis (very useful if an analysis has ended in error), remove it from our project (Important: removing it from our project will not remove it from other projects that have also analyzed it) or reanalyze that particular repository (if the analysis is very old).

At the top of the project page we find a few other options. From here we can change the name of our project, reanalyze all the project repositories or access more detailed charts in Kibana (we will see this last one in another guide).

We also have options to share the results of our analysis, using a url or specific buttons for different social networks.


Finally, you can always add more repositories or other data sources to your project to give it more value! Team

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Cauldron gets better every day. Thank you!