Managing users in Cauldron

Until now, managing users in Cauldron was a task that could only be done from the Django admin page, and it becomes even more tricky when access to Cauldron is restricted to a few users. That is why at Cauldron we have seen the opportunity to create a simple interface to manage this part.

Any Cauldron admin (this applies to Cauldron Cloud as well) can access this page from the drop-down that appears by clicking on your username.

From this new page you can see in a table the registered users in Cauldron and some relevant data about them, such as the number of reports created or the associated accounts. Some extra options are also included like choosing site administrators or marking users as inactive to prevent them from accessing the platform.

If restricted access to the site is enabled, an extra button will also appear above the table to be able to add new users to the platform. If we click on it, a small form will appear where we must indicate the login platform for the new user and their username on that platform. In addition, we can indicate whether this user will be an administrator of the platform or not. When we have created it, the user will be able to access the platform and start analyzing repositories like any other user.

We hope that Cauldron Cloud users take advantage of this new feature and, as always, ask any question you have in the forum! Team