Introducing the Cauldron badges

In the last release we included a new feature that allowed users to generate SVG images from a report to embed them anywhere. In this way, we obtained an image that showed updated data about our report in Cauldron.


It seems that this feature has been well received, so we have decided to create new badges so you can show them in your GitHub repositories, GitLab, or wherever you want!

To use them you just need to create a report in Cauldron (you don’t need to wait for the report to be ready) and go to the “Export data & badges” section from the side panel.

From this section you can take a look at the badges available for your report, which will vary depending on the data sources used. Choose one and click the button to copy the URL of the image.

If, for example, we want to include a badge in the file of a repository, we will only have to include the following line in the file:

[![Git contributors (by](](

In this way, we will see how the badge is rendered in the repository presentation.

In addition to these badges, remember that there is a card with a lot of information about a report if we press the share button of a report, which can also be embedded anywhere.


We are looking forward to see how you take advantage of this new feature and, of course, open to any new suggestions for new badges or features! Team


This feature is amazing!

I often go to GitHub repositories and look for stats – now I hope every open source project includes metrics about the activity on their READMEs.