How to export / import custom dashboards in Cauldron

Create and export dashboards

If you have already analyzed a list of data sources and you want to play with the data in Kibana, you have to click on the Data Workspace button.

Through this option, you enter Kibana with the ability to create or edit dashboards and visualizations, but these changes will not affect what other users can do / see in their workspaces or in the Public Kibana. This means that if you create a dashboard and want other users to see it, they won’t be able to, since that dashboard is limited to your workspace, which only you can access.

All the visualizations you created here can be exported. In this way, any user can import them into their workspace or administrators can import them into the public Kibana, where anyone outside the project can see them.

To export a dashboard, you need to access:

  1. Stack management (left tool bar)

  1. Saved objects

  2. Select the dashboards or visualizations you want to export and click Export.

Import dashboards publicly available

Only admin users are able to import or modify public visualizations and dashboards. You can also follow the same steps to import visualizations to your ‘Data workspace’

In order to import visualizations that are publicly available you need to enter Kibana as admin user. Open the upper right menu and click Kibana admin:


This option allows you to access Kibana with the admin user and the global tenant. Through this option you have absolute control over all the visualizations, dashboards, indexes and all those elements that make up Kibana and Elasticsearch, so you have to be careful.

To import a dashboard previously exported, you need to access:

  1. Stack management (left tool bar)

  1. Saved objects > Import

  1. Select the files you want to import and click Import

If there isn’t any error, dashboards and visualizations imported can be accessible from More details button in the overview project page:

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