How to export a dashboard design

If you have created an awesome dashboard that you would like to reuse in other of your projects or to share with the community to use in their projects, how could you do it? This recipe tries to explain how easy it is.

Under your Private tenant, go to Management item in the Kibana side menu:


Then, select the Saved objects item to see the items stored for your project dashboards:


And finally, select the dashboard you would like to export and click on the Export button. Important: Remember to check Include related objects to include in the export file all the items needed to build the dashboard:

And that’s it. You’ll get some sort of ’ .json’ file that contains everything needed to reuse your dashboard design.

If you create dashboards, feel free to share them through this forum, or a link to a repository to allow others to use, learn, modify, and even redistribute it. Check my dashboards as an example.