How to analyze a repository from KDE's GitLab

At Cauldron we continue to include more data sources with which to analyze our favorite projects. This time it is the turn of the KDE’s GitLab forge.

In this private GitLab forge, KDE hosts some of its most popular projects, such as Krita or Kdenlive. Now it is possible to analyze the development of these and other hundreds of projects that are hosted there, let’s see how!

First of all, we will need a KDE’s GitLab account to collect the data. We can create one through this link, accessing the KDE Identity service.

Then, we just have to create a project in Cauldron, select “KDE (GitLab)” as a data source, authorize Cauldron to obtain a token and add as many repositories and organizations as we want.

As always, you can revoke your token by accessing the settings page in Cauldron, or visiting the authorized applications page in the KDE’s GitLab.

We currently have some of the best known KDE projects analyzed on Cauldron, but we are looking forward to seeing how other users analyze their favorite projects that are hosted on KDE’s GitLab! Team

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