Filtering out Bot Users

How do I filter out bot users from metrics? Dependabot pull requests are skewing my numbers.

Hi @rrrutledge,

Unfortunately, at public version there is no way to identify if a contributor is a bot because personal data is anonymized.

There is a tricky way to filter bots from your Kibana workspace (you can access from the left bar of a report). You can find a commit/pull request from dependabot, get its user_login or author_name and exclude its contributions. It is not ideal, but it could help:

The simpler way is using Cauldron Cloud. You will have your own instance where you have access to Hatstall, a web interface to manage people identities information. You can select what identities are bots and filter them in Kibana:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thank you, JJ. I will check it out.