Difference between github2 and github_enrich?


What is the difference between github2 and github_enrich indices?



As you can read here, github2 and github_enrich are aliases for the github2_enrich_index and github_enrich_index indexes, respectively.
On the same page you can see a reference to the grimoirelab-elk repository, where you can see in more detail the type of information that is stored in these indexes (both for GitHub issues).

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The section Index Patterns is the most interesting pat of all.

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I’m copying the answer here for everyone to see it without going to a different place:

Index patterns

To explore and visualize data in Kibana, you must create an index pattern. An index pattern tells Kibana which Elasticsearch indices contain the data that you want to work with. [3]

  • github_enrich : Issues and Pull requests.
  • github2 : Commentaries in Issues and Pull requests
  • github_repo_enrich : Information related about the repositories
  • git_enrich : Commits and authors
  • gitlab_enriched : Issues
  • gitlab_merge_requests : Merge requests
  • meetup_enriched : Events
  • ocean : All the index patterns in one
  • ocean_tickets : Indices related with tickets. GitHub Issues and Gitlab Issues

We have updated the document :slight_smile:

It is important to note that the index patterns you mentioned above will be deprecated in a future release (the new index patterns are available in the public dashboard and here). We will include them in the next release in existing Workspaces, but we won’t remove the old ones to avoid conflicts with custom visualizations.