Comparing projects

We already know that Cauldron offers several metrics and graphs of the projects that we sent to analyze. But sometimes this is not enough to give us an idea of the global ecosystem of a project.

That is why at Cauldron we have thought it would be interesting to add a functionality that would allow you, to compare the different metrics and graphs that Cauldron already offers for individual projects.

This new feature, which we have named “Compare projects”, allows any Cauldron user to compare two projects of its own, that is, projects that a user has previously analyzed.

This page offers a distribution of metrics very similar to that already present on the page of each project. The page has several of the metrics and graphs that we already know, although there are still some more to add.

Accessing this new functionality is very easy: you just have to click on the link that we have enabled at the top of the page, or use the new button that is included in all the project pages, and that allows you to compare the selected project with any other of your own.

And that’s not all! Although you cannot directly compare the projects of other users, they can share with you the URL that is generated when comparing their projects!

We hope you enjoy making use of this new feature that Cauldron offers, and do not hesitate to report any bug or suggestion you have for this or any other Cauldron functionality! Team