Cauldron is not available right now

After the last update, Elasticsearch doesn’t start, we are working on a solution for recovering all the data.

More details in this issue:


After upgrading Opendistro to 1.3.0 (Elasticsearch 7.3.2), the boot time was greater than 30 seconds and the master node timed out while waiting for initial discovery state. In order to solve this, we had to increase the cluster.publish.timeout and cluster.join.timeout.
After solving that error, Kibana has started to migrate the tenants indices and has exceeded the default 1000 shard limit (, so we had to temporarily increase the limit to 2000.

Sorry for the downtime,

Cauldron team


Thanks for the update and fixing this issue so quickly!

Hooray! great work folks!

I may be overloading the queue right now. I have a long list of github orgs that I am adding :smiley: