Cauldron Emmental release is now available!

Cauldron has launched its 5th release, Emmental. This post summarizes the main updates:

  • Migrations of Django and Open Distro for ElasticSearch (AKA ODFE) to the versions 2.2 and 1.3, respectively.

  • Admin site shows information about the users registered on the server (Number of projects, token status, etc). In addition, any admin can now upgrade a user to an admin and vice versa.

  • Public Kibana dashboard has been updated

  • Users can delete projects from the projects page.

  • Users can delete their account as well as all their projects and tokens stored in the server. This action can also be done by the admin users from the admin page.

  • GitLab repositories bug regarding subgroup analysis is now fixed.

  • Links that were previously scattered across the page have been placed in a new smart navigation button.

    Screenshot_2020-02-17 Cauldron - Level Up Software Development Analytics

  • Cauldron status page has been included. This page is accessible without being logged

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Thanks for sharing!

It is important to note, that this is still an early alpha release :slight_smile:

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The link to a Public Kibana dashboard seems to be broken:

Perhaps a link to an existing public dashboard and an screenshot would be better.

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Interesting! thanks for letting me know

You can use any of the links of popular dashboards from the main page