Cauldron Cloud vs Cauldron-deployment

What are the differences between Cloud claudron and the version that could be self-deployed with Gitlab Cauldron-deployment?
Could be it documented somewhere?


Hi @bhack,

Cauldron is Open Source, that means all the code is available to anyone. You can deploy the same version as Cauldron Cloud by your own, locally or in a remote location.

I guess your question is not vs, but self-hosted vs cloud.

Above all things, if you go for the cloud version, we take care of the installation, maintenance, security, upgrades and server. Part of the cost is associated with the infrastructure and with the development of new features.

If you decide to go to a self-hosted Cauldron and is something wrong in the documentation, please, let us know and we will update it, or you can also create a merge request with the changes.

I will create an issue to document these differences somewhere.


Yes thanks it wound be nice to have this clarification somewhere.
I supposed that has some specific dashboards that are not available in the deployed self hosted version.

Mmmm, I have checked and by default there aren’t more dashboards. We have some clients that have created their own. I guess we can add more dashboards from Grimoirelab to have a greater variety.