Cauldron cloud and Grimoirelab

In the free Cauldron version there are some missing Kibana dashboard if we compare with Grimoirelab dashboards.
Can we document somewhere what are the missing ones in the Cauldron cloud version?

Sorry, I didn’t see the question before, I answered it in the other thread, but I’ll answer here too for future visitors.

We are going to add more Grimoirelab’s dashboards in the next versions to Cauldron cloud and try to document all the differences (Add new dashboards from Grimoirelab (#669) · Issues · Cauldron / cauldron · GitLab)

We have some clients that have created their own, but it’s a bit hard if it is your first time using Kibana.

Any way, if you find any dashboard from Grimoirelab interesting, let us know and we will try to include it ASAP.

Thank you

NIce, as we don’t see the privacy removed dashboards in the free public instance, it will be very useful to quickly understand what it is missing without exploring the self-hosting installation.