Can not figure out how to add external users properly

I am trying to give access to another user to my private instance - using their Github ID - and can not figure out how to make it work. Can someone share some instructions?

Here is what I tried:

  • Cauldron → Users → Add
  • Add a new user, give them all permissions
  • Oauth Users → Add

Backend, I put “github”
User, I put their github ID
Username, I put their github ID again
Photo, I put a random photo

Saved everything. When they try to log in using Github, they get 403 forbidden. How do I troubleshoot this?

Hey Jason! :wave:

Thank you so much to write on the forum! Yes, adding new users can be complicated when there is no guide for it, we will try to make it the next one to be published!

For instances with the Limited Access option (Cauldron Cloud has it activated by default) it is necessary to create an object for the “Authorized Backend User” model.

From the Django admin page, access the mentioned model page and create a new object by clicking “Add Authorized Backend User”.

In the form that is displayed you must indicate one of the following options depending on the user you want to add:

  • github
  • gitlab
  • meetup
  • gnome
  • kde
  • stackexchange

Some of the options mentioned could not be available due to the limitation of creating OAuth Apps in that platform, so first check which backends you have available. You can check it by clicking on the login button from the main page of Cauldron.

Write the username of the user you want to grant access (in some backends this ID is a number, for example in meetup and stackexchange) and save the boject.

Once the object has been created, the user will be able to login. If you have created any other object like the ones you mentioned, please remove them to avoid any issue.

Try these steps, and if you find any trouble, please don’t hesitate in asking again!

BTW, we have lauched a new release for Cauldron that comes with a user management page to create new users more easily. For now, it is only available on, but it will be deployed during the following weeks in any other instance (like the Cauldron Cloud ones).